What makes us different

We blend a variety fresh and whole eco-rich meats, legumes, fruits and vegetables in our recipes to supply the best nutrition for your best friend. We compliment our meat based recipes with whole ingredients and never use plant starch or protein concentrates.


Satori is the first and only Domestic Appropriate pet food on the market, made right here in Canada since 2010. Our healthy recipes have a logical philosophy which considers two important factors, the pet’s anatomy and modern lifestyle. Canines and Felines, like the wolf and wildcat, have digestive systems designed to efficiently process meat therefore our recipes are grain free and include fresh proteins! We then took it a step further by understanding that pets’ caloric needs are not the same as their wild ancestors since they do not travel 20-25km per day hunting and chasing down prey. Our pets instead have the luxury of their food being served to them and exercise through less demanding forms by enjoying regular walks or visiting the dog park. These differences are the reason we adjusted the nutrition to fit their domestic lifestyle which consists of living in houses and backyards.

Focused on Quality

We are a niche pet food company that has a unique way of thinking; everything for your pet. In lieu of a large marketing budget we make sure we are using only the highest quality ingredients in our recipes. Our pet foods contain premium fresh meats, eco-rich vegetables, healthy fruits and healing botanicals that naturally provide nutrition that your pet deserves. We take the extra time and care to apply probiotics and digestive enzymes externally to our recipes after cooking for the benefit of your pet. Our belief is the ingredient list proves a pet food is healthy, not it’s advertisements, brand name or packaging. Quality Canadian Ingredients are the foundation of our recipes.


Recyclable Bag

Our packaging is not the typical flashy and shiny type; rather we use a practical and recyclable bag because we care for our environment. We know future generations, both our children and four legged best friends, depend on us minimizing our environmental footprint. Internally, efforts are constantly being made to minimize shipping routes as we know transportation affects the air we breathe.

Proudly Canadian

We are a down to earth, logical and forward thinking bunch whom are very proud to be part of the True North Strong and Free. Our products can be found at select independent retailers across Canada who understand ingredients and why our pet foods are elite. Every Satori recipe is crafted with honesty and care, as we know only the highest quality will do for our pets and yours.

Where to Buy Satori Near You