Satori is a Buddhist term meaning, ‘sudden enlightenment,’ which also translates into English as ‘understanding.’ It refers to our Domestic Appropriate Philosophy; which considers the pets anatomy and lifestyle.

Satori is the first and only Domestic Appropriate pet food on the market, made right here in Canada. Our logical philosophy considers two important factors, the pet’s anatomy and modern lifestyle. Canines and Felines, like the wolf and wildcat, have digestive systems designed to efficiently process protein and fat from meat. This fact is why Satori is available in a variety of proteins that contain fresh meat and are completely grain free. We then took it a step further by understanding that pets’ caloric needs are not the same as their wild ancestors since they do not travel 20-25km per day hunting and searching for food. Domestic pets instead exercise through less demanding forms such as enjoying regular walks, playing or visiting in the dog park. Our pets also enjoy the luxury of meals being served to them, while their wild counterparts are required to expel a vast amount of energy chasing down prey.

These differences are the reason we adjusted the nutrition to fit their domestic lifestyle which consists of living in houses and backyards.


Our recipes are produced with many quality control initiatives in place. The manufacturing plant is audited by the CFIA quarterly and is part of the HACCP certified Quality Assurance program. All of our ingredients must meet a raw material and supplier approval program that analyzes nutritional integrity and safety standards. We are able to track all product produced by keeping a sample of each batch made which is labeled by it’s corresponding lot number.



Satori is proud to be packaged in a recyclable bag which reduces wastes, emissions and CO2 by 30%! We’re different in a lot of good ways; this is just one of them!



We depend on our network of trusted retailers to provide and educate pet lovers about our product. We do not ship directly to the public however we would be happy to find the closest retailer to you and inquire with them to see if they would ship Satori to you.



We do not, and will never, conduct tests in a laboratory environment. Instead we trial our products with our own pets along with breeders, where we ensure our pet foods are performing as they should. During our product development we monitor a variety of important factors which include stool consistency and palatability through non-invasive tests.


Yes, all of our recipes were formulated by an experienced animal nutritionist to meet the Nutrient Profiles established by AAFCO.

We offer a 3.5kg or 3kg “regular” sized bag which we encourage people to purchase two of when they require a medium sized bag. Our network of trusted retailers have competitively priced our 3.5kg or 3kg bags, so if you purchased two of them it would be a similar cost to buying one medium bag.

Satori recipes are produced in Ontario and Quebec (Canada), while our head office and distribution warehouse is centrally located in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Satori is owned by NorthPaw Nutrition which is a Canadian-owned family company that focuses on providing the absolute healthiest pet food recipes for your best friend. We have been producing our natural recipes since 2010.

Some companies can build these programs into their marketing budget, thus increasing the cost of each bag to cover the expense of these programs. Instead of a large marketing budget Satori chose to focus on using the highest quality ingredients that money can buy.

Please inquire with the retailer in your area to see if they offer any volume discounts for breeders.

Pet foods have been said to be filled with grains for a variety of reasons such as lower cost and ease of access. Our recipes are grain free because our pet’s digestive systems are setup to process meat, not grains. For these reasons Satori chooses to use a variety of premium meats but also add vegetables and fruits which they would naturally forage for in the wild.

That depends as every pet is unique in their individual requirements. Although we wish one formula could work for every pet this isn’t a reality. Sometimes a pet may do better on our Chicken based diet instead of our Duck, Lamb or Salmon recipes (or vice versa). Some pets do equally well no matter what type of protein they are eating or it could be the protein level that dictates how well the pet responds to the recipe. Our recipes are very dynamic within the different Satori formulas as they have varying protein sources and levels. We know you will find one that your pet thrives on!

Most Satori recipes are formulated to meet the AAFCO nutrient profile for All Life Stages. This is based on the notion that in the wild there is not a specific rabbit for a wolf cub, adult wolf and senior wolf. They all eat the same rabbit just different portions based on their caloric needs. Similarly for people there is not a chicken breast on the supper table made specifically for children, adults and seniors. We all eat the same chicken breast, just the portions vary.

Please refer to our detailed feeding guides to help determine the amount to feed your pet. Important to note is that the Calcium/Phosphorus levels in most of our recipes are controlled and balanced for large breed puppies.

Absolutely! Dogs’ nutritional requirements are the same no matter what size they are; it is just feeding portions that change based on their caloric needs. In comparison, at our own supper table we don’t have a chicken breast that is specifically for tall or short people. Our kibble is a regular size which allows small, medium and large dogs to enjoy it!

It is important to note that some pet foods make size specific formulas such as “Large Breed” where they usually add supplements for their joints. We believe to ensure your pet is getting the most out of their supplements that it should be done separately so they are receiving sufficient and controlled amounts. Pet foods that contain joint supplements such as glucosamine measure it in milligrams per kilogram; therefore to get the amount of glucosamine listed on the bag you would be required to feed 1kg of dog food that day which is not realistic (example: 600mg/kg would require you to feed 1kg of dog food to get 300mg).

Satori recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of all breeds. Again drawing the comparison to people; there are not chicken breasts made for certain races or ethnicities.

Pets that have food sensitivities generally have allergies to more commonly used ingredients such as grains and certain meats. Satori Lamb, Satori Duck and Satori Salmon work great for dogs with sensitivities since they are single-animal protein and grain free diets; however none of our recipes are prescription formulas. When trying a pet food for allergy reasons please ensure the pet is not consuming any other foods (treats, chews etc.) and trial the diet for 6-8 weeks.

We preserve our recipes with natural mixed tocopherols and never preserve our pet foods with any artificial or chemical preservatives (no BHA, BHT or Ethoxyquin).

  • No Corn, wheat or soy
  • No plant protein concentrates (NO Pea Protein, instead whole Ingredients!)
  • No plant starch concentrates (NO Pea Starch,  instead whole Ingredients!)
  • No Flours which have been processed
  • No Tapioca
  • No Dairy
  • No Animal by-products
  • No Tomato pomace
  • No Beet pulp
  • No Vegetable protein concentrates
  • No Unnamed Fats/Oils

Our detailed feeding guides are meant to be a starting point on how much to feed your pet, which should be adjusted accordingly based on their weight and activity level to achieve optimal body weight.

When transitioning to Satori, we recommend gradually switching over a 10 day period so the pet’s system can adjust to the new diet. On day 1, feed 10% Satori and 90% of the old food. Increase the amounts of Satori by 10% each day while decreasing their old food by 10% each day (example: Day 5 would be 50% Satori and 50% old food).

Many pets can adjust easily to a new diet however some require a slower transition. It depends on how your pet’s stomach and digestive tract is responding to the change in diet. During the transition your pet may experience a change in the frequency of their bathroom schedule, stool texture and/or stool colour because of changes in fiber levels, additions of probiotics and/or digestive enzymes. The majority of pets transition smoothly however if these changes occur they should subside after the transition period (it can take a pet up to 4-6 weeks to fully adjust to a new food). Depending on how delicate your pet’s system is, an upset stomach may occur during a diet change. In this case slow down the transition process.

Just like people, pets are very unique in their individual needs. Our detailed feeding guide is meant to be a starting point on how much to feed your pet; adjust accordingly based on their weight and activity level to achieve optimal body weight.

Remember to consider calories from other sources, such as treats, when considering feeding amounts.

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